We4Change Changemakers Event Curriculum

On this page you can download for free all the education materials created by the We4Change project consortium in the framework of the Intellectual Output 1: We4Change Changemakers Events Curriculum.


Learning materials can be used as such by any organization that is interested to organize We4Change Changemaking Events or to integrate them into their own initiatives, but can be also used independently for skills development in the areas covered by the We4Change project. The curriculum is  ready to be used by any organization interested in replicating in part or in full the trainings.

0. About We4Change Changemakers Curriculum

1. Climate change – Description of the three themes

1.1 Girls & Women Connecting for clean energy (Presentation)

1.2 Girls & Women Connecting for mobility (Presentation)

1.3 Girls & Women Connecting for sustainable consumption (Presentation)

2. Design Thinking Workshop (Description)

2.1 Design Thinking workshop (Presentation)

3. Sustainable Business Model Canvas Workshop

4. Get ready pitch your project (Description)

4.1 Get ready pitch your project (Presentation)

4.2 Get ready pitch your project (Worksheet)

5. Mentoring for change workshop (Presentation)

5.1 Mentoring for Change workshop (Trainer instructions)

6. Translation App with MIT App Inventor (Trainer instructions)

6.1 Translation App with MIT App Inventor workshop (Presentation)

7. Build a Landing Web Page

8. Data visualization with Tableau (Trainer instructions)

8.1 Data visualization with Tableau (Presentation)

9. Design your first 3D object with Thinkercad  (Trainer instructions)

9.1 Design your first 3D object with Thinkercad (Presentation)

10. Visual identity with Canva (Trainer instructions)

10.1 Visual identity with Canva (Presentation)

The details on the practicalities of organizing a We4Change Changemaking Event are included in the We4Change Handbook for Trainers and Youth Workers.

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