About We4Change

We4Change: “Girls and Women Connecting for Environmental Change” is a project funded under the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union that aims to contribute to the EU Youth Strategy by engaging, connecting and empowering young girls and women with digital and innovation skills, increase civic engagement and unlock their changemaking potential to engage in society and have an active role in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.


The gender perspective in the project is essential because according to our need analysis, the youth sector as an area remains highly influenced by gender-based inequalities. Specifically, young women, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, face gender specific challenges related to education, employability and civic participation. As such the project is addressed to this target group because they are the most at risk to suffer irreversible effects caused by gender inequalities, accentuated by the current social, economic and environmental situations, reducing their access to and control over (basic) resources, access to education and information, and access to decision-making processes, leading to lost opportunities, lack of self-confidence and interest to be actively involved in society.

To this end, the project sets the following objectives:
1. Engage, connect and empower girls and young women from disadvantaged backgrounds and inspire them to drive environmental change in their communities.
2. Organize and deliver We4Change Changemakers Events and develop girls and young women digital and innovation skills; increase their environmental and active citizenship competences; build their leadership skills and confidence and encourage them to actively engage in society.
3. Train youth workers and mentors and enable them to effectively support female youth empowerment through digital action and civic changemaking.

To support partners and organizations that want to introduce in their offerings an innovative and highly effective way of engaging more girls and young women in innovation, environmental
action and civic participation, the project develops a series of educational resources, as well as a training for youth workers, which are freely available for use “off the shelf”. 


The We4Change project will be carried out in five countries across Europe by the following partners:  

Digital Leadership Institute (Belgium)

Empow’Her (France)

Stimmuli for Social Change (Greece)

Asociatia pentru Dezvoltarea Tehnologiilor
Informationale TEKEDU (Moldova)

ZERO – Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável (Portugal)


Expected results:

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